Jens Egemalm

Director of Distribution at Pandox AB

Jens EgemalmOnline distribution and digital marketing leader with 8+ years of experience delivering revenue growth and profitability optimizations across some of the world’s largest hotel brands. Passionate about leading and inspiring change.
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Creative Revenue Management: How Can Hotels Sell their Spaces in Time of Crisis?

Hardship sparks creativity. Hotels all around the globe were forced to fundamentally rethink revenue generation during the Covid crisis. Like so often, many successful concepts started with putting the guest at the centre and looking at what (s)he really wants right now, not what it is that we traditionally like to sell (a room night with breakfast).

Benchmarking: Moving beyond traditional comp sets and year over year comparison

If there is one thing we know, it is most likely that we know nothing at all anymore. We do not know which border will open or close tomorrow due to a newly spotted variant. We do not know who will be our guest two weeks, three weeks, let alone a month from now, and we do not know who we will be competing with for those guests.

Is Rate Parity Obsolete?

Fenced rate parity is getting too little attention in this discussion. While a lot of effort is made to ensure public rate parity, hotels are handing out member or loyalty discounts left and right to programs such as Expedia Rewards or Booking.

Beyond Room Revenue - Revenue Management opportunities for 2021 and beyond

COVID will (hopefully) be a catalyst for change in many respects. The big opportunity may counterintuitively lie in forgetting all we think we know about our guest: (s)he wants to book a standard room with breakfast and if we're lucky pay a visit to the bar to spend some extra cash, at what we think is an acceptable price tag.