Anna Sophia Stimpfl

Final-year student at EHL (2021)

Anna Sophia StimpflAnna Sophia Stimpfl is a final-year student at EHL, eager to pursue a career in hospitality technology upon graduation. Her excitement in the field arose from research conducted during her studies. As the transformation is being made away from a traditional to a more digitalized guest experience, her focus is on the creation of a greatly enhanced customer-centric experience. Stimpfl’s practical insights into the hospitality industry were gained through internships, most recently at Marriott's Southeast Asian Headquarters in Singapore. At EHL, she was accepted into its internal consulting organization "Junior Enterprise", where her leadership qualities, performance-oriented personality, and high-level motivation led her to being given the role of project manager. Growing up in South Tyrol, Italy at the crossroads of two cultures, she sees multi-culturalism as a major plus for organizations.
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Join us & discuss with us: HN World Panel Technology LIVE: TECHNOLOGY IN HOSPITALITY - SHIFT + DEL! Do we need a massive reset? Adam Harris, CEO & Founder at Cloudbeds; Anna Sophia Stimpfl, Final-year student at EHL (2021); Andrew Evers, Group IT Manager at Red Carnation Hotels, Floor Bleeker, Chief Technology Officer at Accor and Ian Millar, Senior Lecturer Information technology at EHL - Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne will join André Baljeu to discuss, share thoughts and perspectives.

SHIFT + DEL! Do we need a massive reset?

I do believe that the future of hospitality operations lies with a tool similar to WhatsApp or Instagram. Such a tool, allowing for the exploration of new ideas and innovation while at the same time exploiting operational proficiency and efficiency, would render operations simpler, making the user's life much easier.