Jeffrey Goldman

Chair, JMBM’s Entertainment Litigation Group

Jeffrey GoldmanJeffrey Goldman is Chair of JMBM's Entertainment Litigation practice. He has litigated hundreds of music cases involving more than 30 Billboard #1 records, more than 30 Grammy Award winners, and more than 30 members of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He has also litigated cases against the world's largest airline, search engine, toy company, e-commerce retailer, and electronics retailer, as well as against some of the world's largest drug companies, beer companies, automakers, and entertainment conglomerates. His cases have figured prominently in the development of modern intellectual property and entertainment law, resulting in more than 150 reported judicial decisions, which have been cited in thousands of other reported decisions. Contact Jeff Goldman at 310.785.5386 or [email protected]
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How does the Supreme Court’s Google v. Oracle case impact the hotel industry (beyond software)?

The recent ruling in Google v. Oracle has altered the definition of "fair use" when it comes to functional works such as code. While the use of existing creative works must still be transformative in order to avoid violating copyright laws, it will now be much easier to claim fair use when building on existing functional creations.