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Rayna KatzRayna is a Folio-award nominated, and detail-oriented veteran editor and writer specializing in travel, food, hospitality and more. Having also covered commercial real estate, she's able to make complex subjects understandable and even compelling. Grammar and punctuation mistakes don't get by her, and freelance writers she's managed have praised her ability to make them feel valued. In short, she's considered easy to work with and a talented journalist.

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Hotel Spas Give Expenses A Facelift

The pandemic has made it difficult for anyone to relax. Beyond being a drag on a hotel’s core business—room sales—it’s also been an assault on ancillary revenues, such as spa business.

OTAs Deliver Business. Can Hoteliers Do Better?

As COVID-19 roiled the globe, hoteliers, like 9/11 and the Global Recession before it, found online travel agencies (OTAs) throwing them a lifeline. Through extensive TV and online advertising, booking engines pull in heaps of business, but at typically high commission costs that eat into profit margins.

Hotel Labor Costs Are Up Across The Globe. Here’s How to Cope.

The U.S. isn’t the only country having issues filling hotel positions. In the wake of pandemic-induced layoffs and furloughs, properties around the globe are having trouble staffing up.

How to Keep Hotel Expenses Down? Ask an Asset Manager.

It doesn’t sound right to talk about the “benefits” of COVID-19, but if there’s any upside to the pandemic, it’s that massive disruption to business has forced hotels to find operational efficiencies—resulting in lower costs—without damaging the guest experience.

Hotels Are Slowly Recouping Business, But When Will the Corporate Guest Return?

Predicting the return of corporate travel would be a cinch if foretelling the future was foolproof. No one, however, has that extraordinary prescience and even if they did, the future is, at best, murky.
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