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Rayna KatzRayna is a Folio-award nominated, and detail-oriented veteran editor and writer specializing in travel, food, hospitality and more. Having also covered commercial real estate, she's able to make complex subjects understandable and even compelling. Grammar and punctuation mistakes don't get by her, and freelance writers she's managed have praised her ability to make them feel valued. In short, she's considered easy to work with and a talented journalist.

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The Hotel Industry Has a Labor Problem. Here’s How to Solve It.

If you hadn't heard, hotels are facing a labor crisis. After major furloughs and layoffs last year due to the pandemic, properties now need to staff up to be prepared for the return of business. But they are facing a drought of workers, which some call the worst recruiting climate in the industry's history.

Hotel Buffets Are Out. Here’s What’s In.

Hotel food and beverage operations have radically changed in the wake of the pandemic. From breakfast buffets to banquet dinners, service has drastically altered to keep guests safe and as stopgap against weaker demand.

How To Keep Hotel Labor Costs Down When Business Ramps Up

Some changes made to cope with the pandemic likely will be industry norms, while the crisis also spotlighted the need for new practices to be put in place.