Mailys Pensivy

President of AMC Hospitality and consultant with Cayuga Hospitality Consultants

Mailys  PensivyMailys Pensivy, President of AMC Hospitality and consultant with Cayuga Hospitality Consultants, offers dedicated and personalized Revenue Management support to help owners, management companies and brands leverage their Unique Selling Points through a holistic Revenue Management approach. Mailys Pensivy, CRME has successfully optimized Topline revenues (Rooms, Food & Beverage, Spa) and increased profitability across a wide range of hotels. Her experience includes independent and branded properties of various sizes in urban, resort and airport locations, each with its own unique market mix and services. Geographically, she has experience both domestically and abroad, including in Paris, Miami, Los Angeles and Washington, DC.
Insights by Mailys Pensivy (3)

The Revenue Management Discipline’s Need to Adapt and Not “Go Back to Normal”

During COVID-19, ownership groups and management companies took organizational decisions that impacted the effectiveness of Revenue Management. As business ramps up and we observe changes in the segmentation and channel mix, we need to quickly shift gears, and not just to how it was before.

Independent Hotels Can Leverage Factors That Influence Hotel Decisions To Steal Market Share

The top factors influencing a guest’s choice in hotel accommodation according to STR Research in May 2021 are: location, price & value for money, cancellation policy, previous stay, positive reviews/personal recommendations.

COVID-19 Forces Hotel Revenue Management To Evolve: Breaking Down Silos And Maximizing Profits

Each economic crisis, in 1990, 2009 and now 2020, has forced changed in the hotel revenue management discipline.