Michael Teplin

Consultant at Strategic Solution Partners & CFO at Selina Holdings SE

Michael TeplinMichael Teplin is a consultant with Strategic Solution Partners and a strategic financial leader who has been a hospitality CFO five times where he developed portfolios, people, profits, brands and owner’s equity at hotel, food and beverage, and nightlife companies. Teplin most recently was the Chief Financial Officer of Selina Holdings SE, one of the world’s fastest-growing hospitality brands that provides guests at their 80 locations on three continents a unique experience combining boutique hotel rooms, co-working space, and hostels to seamlessly travel and study/work abroad. Prior to that he worked throughout his forty-year career with both multi-generational entrepreneurial family companies and Fortune 50 companies, both domestically and internationally. Teplin can support a company to acquire assets, put debt in place and reposition assets, ensure corporate governance adheres to a company’s processes as well as define accountability and transparency for its leaders and stakeholders.
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Three Ways To Make Your Hotel Company Attractive To Investors

As we emerge from the doldrums of the last year and watch demand trend upward, there is a great opportunity to create competitive advantages for your hotel company. Cash flow from new Investors can make or break any company's runway to a sustainable forward path, and a hospitality company that can opportunistically grow in today's unprecedented environment can leapfrog its pre-pandemic growth strategy.