Rita Machado

VP, Sales & Marketing, Great Hotels of the World

Rita Machado To her current role at Great Hotels of the World, Rita brings an impressive track record in hotel sales and distribution, where pricing strategies, revenue streams, channel management, GDS, leads, bookings, production are all part of her DNA, and a wealth of knowledge and experience in hotel Marketing and PR. Before joining Great Hotels of the World, Rita was the Director for Marketing and Communications for Minor Hotels in Portugal and Brazil where she was responsible for managing branding, communications and PR strategy across regions as well as managing international teams. Rita has a Masters in Hotel Management from ESCAET, Aix-en-Provence and a Post Graduate Advanced Management degree in Marketing. Currently, she is also a Lecturer at ISCTE-ISEG where she covers the Distribution and Sales module in Top Management in Hospitality for Executives and has written articles for trade publications.

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