Tina Markowitz

Vice President of Digital Marketing Media & Analytics at Cendyn

Tina  MarkowitzTina Markowitz, Vice President of Digital Marketing Media & Analytics, oversees the data-driven digital strategy of Cendyn’s hospitality customers. Markowitz provides clients with both holistic and innovative digital planning to achieve business goals and deliver results. With over 10 years in integrated digital marketing leadership positions, Markowitz previously held positions at Zimmerman Advertising, with former roles at SapientNitro, Media Storm and Time, Inc.
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The End Of Third-Party Cookies And What It Means For Your Hotel

Digital marketers are currently being faced with a once-unimaginable shift: the end of third-party cookies. Over the past few years, users have become more aware of how companies track their data, and they’ve started pushing back on an increasingly intrusive online experience.