Jack Lindemuth

Consultant for Strategic Solution Partners & Founder of JLL Commercial Strategy Consulting

Jack  LindemuthJack Lindemuth is a consultant for Strategic Solution Partners as well as founder of JLL Commercial Strategy Consulting which specializes in maximizing total revenues and profits for independent boutique, luxury hotels, and resorts. He is amongst the few comprehensive commercial strategy leaders whose skillset combines superior business acumen with advanced education from top-tier universities and industry certifications across revenue, sales, and marketing. Prior to consulting, Jack held dynamic revenue strategy leadership roles at Benchmark Resorts & Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Denihan Hospitality Group, and Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, where he maintained ownership relations with Pebblebrook Hotel Trust and LaSalle Hotel Properties. Lindemuth obtained his bachelor’s degree from the School of Hospitality Management at Pennsylvania State University and a master’s degree in asset management and development at Georgetown University. His motto is “Continuous Evolution” which he believes is essential in the ever-changing and exciting landscape of commercial strategy.
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7 Hotel Commercial Strategy Mistakes And What To Do About Them

Stephanie Smith, Founder and Digital Matriarch of Cogwheel Marketing, joined Jack Lindemuth, consultant at Strategic Solution Partners, on Trevor Grant’s podcast, Revenue Hub, in May 2021. The topic was focused on hotel commercial strategy and digital marketing.

Case Study: Don’t Fall Into The “Build It And They Will Come” Trap

First time hotel owners purchased a small independent boutique property that had been significantly underperforming the market in guestroom and restaurant revenues for many years. The property had a prime location within a destination resort market and the new owners made significant investments renovating and repositioning the property to a 4-star product and service level, but revenues continued to be anemic throughout 2019 and into 2020.