Lucy Brialey

Co-Founder and Director, The Sustainable Spa association

Lucy BrialeyLucy has lead a 25 year dedicated career in spa and wellness to suit her desire to be fully invested in a lifestyle she finds interesting to wake up to every day. She believes that successful spa and wellness strategy is intrinsically linked to sustainability and that only with this in place will it bring the health goals we expect from spa as a direct outcome. Her career has taken her on the path of being a therapist, an innovative wellness at work business owner, Spa Director and now the Co-founder of the Sustainable Spa Association. Alongside this she is involved in working as a consultant to Sustainable Spa and Wellness Resort and Product Brands to assist in strategic yet creative business vision. She directs her focus to International Wellness Concepts, Sustainable Business Planning, Green Spa and Hospitality Investment and Future Spa ‘Green/Clean Tech’. In 2021 Lucy has also become the Chair of the UN Sustainable Development Goals initiative for the Global Wellness institute.
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Hospitality Supply Chains: Massive footprint or a force of good?

Speaking from the point of view of wellness first destinations, resorts and residences, we are seeing a shift in and perusing a shift in attitude into what luxury means. This is being driven from the outside, by the consumer as well as from within the business through procurement policies, leaving little room for the old attitudes of cheap materials at the lowest cost.