Digna M. Kolar

Director, Industry Consulting at IDeaS

Digna Kolar

Working intimately with hotel organizations all over the world, Digna boasts a strong global background in hotel operations, revenue management, consulting, and strategic pricing. As Director Industry Consulting at IDeaS, Digna leads a global team of professionals assisting hospitality companies of all sizes to build and enhance their total performance and price optimization capabilities. Prior to joining IDeaS, Digna spent 11 years at InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) with roles that included regional head of revenue management for Japan and Korea, the Middle East and Africa, and global pricing implementation and business integration manager.

Insights by Digna M. Kolar (4)

How to manage revenue in a pent-up demand era?

Revenge travel presents an opportunity for hoteliers to offer new or different experiences and packages—not only with the intention of generating more revenues from existing clients but also to attract different customers who could eventually become loyal clients and shift your business mix.

What are the best technology solutions for optimizing revenue?

Great hospitality technology is out there already and keeps improving. Most of it has been using AI and machine learning for years and continues to become more sophisticated to keep up with our rapidly changing industry.

Creative Revenue Management: How Can Hotels Sell their Spaces in Time of Crisis?

Some hotels opted to close their doors while others focused on putting their available inventory in all channels, including vacation rentals platforms. As we see demand return, ideas on how to best utilize space is essential.

Benchmarking: Moving beyond traditional comp sets and year over year comparison

Understanding your competitors today will be vital in shaping your strategy and measuring your performance and success. Depending on your property, the services you provide, your market and your location, your competitive landscape may have changed drastically over the past year.