Tom McGurran

Senior Vice President and General Manager at Kipsu

Tom  McGurran

Tom McGurran has over 30 years experience in growth-stage companies on both the sales and operations side in a variety of industries including SaaS, healthcare, and hospitality. As the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Hospitality at Kipsu, Tom leads all efforts in Kipsu’s largest vertical, driving the company’s success as hospitality’s leading provider of messaging and digital guest engagement.

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Digital Messaging Erupted For Hotels During The Pandemic, And Is Here To Stay

In 2019, grandparents had never heard of Zoom, scanning a QR code for a menu felt weird, and getting texts from a business still felt novel. Early adopters and innovative hotels and businesses have messaged with guests for years, creating serendipitous connections with guests.

5 Ways Texting And Digital Messaging Drives Hotel Efficiency

With all of the technology changes that have come over the past year, guests are not only expecting, but demanding digital ways to communicate with hotel teams. They want to be able to ask questions and get answers from anywhere on- or off-property.