Paprika Le Bourgeois

Director Customer Success & Product Design | Infor RMS

Paprika Le BourgeoisHaving completed a masters in Revenue Management, Paprika moved into this field first in the airline world at, then moved to doing revenue management for hotels in Dubai. It was here she worked with EzRMS as a user and then moved to become a solution consultant as she could see the potential this product had. 12years on and after time in implementation, training and support for multiple independent and large-chain customers, her passion and drive escalated her to leading the global customer success team of Infor revenue management solutions. Her role includes being involved in the product design evolutions for this growing family of products. Her extensive experience gives her the knowledge of how hotels operate, what are the different ways to use a system and how to “do” Revenue Management - what works and what doesn’t. She loves Revenue Management and loves to travel – which is lucky as we have hospitality customers in 71 countries around the world.
Insights by Paprika Le Bourgeois (3)

Intelligent Hotel Revenue Management – 3 Reasons Why Automation is Your Friend

The world is speeding up, with technology setting the pace for entire industries. This is true of the hotels space, with an emphasis on building long term relationships with guests by implementing relevant offerings that take personalization to the next level.

HITEC TV: It’s Not Your Old Revenue Management System Anymore

Revenue Management has come a long way since its start in the airline industry. Hoteliers have embraced revenue management to help them make better decisions on a day-to-day basis. Many innovative RM platforms are using Artificial Intelligence are Machine Learning to get a handle one the new normal of hotel booking pace and revenue optimization.

Hospitality AI vs. Human Expertise – Striking the Balance

As new hospitality technology emerges and as organizations increasingly invest in it, the ways people do their jobs change in response. Most of the time, this means greater efficiency, and a way for teams to concentrate on key tasks while the technology takes care of the necessary minutiae.