Canberk Genç

Sustainability - Founder at Rural PM

Canberk GençCanberk is a project management and sustainability expert who led many digital and social initiatives with pioneering organizations in many countries. He counts more than 82000 hours project portfolio management experience in complex environments such as digital banking, application and software development, international supply chain, retail and agriculture. Since 2006 he’s been active in farming, producing organic extra virgin olive oil which has been crowned with several prizes along the years. Agriculture and hospitality have always had the priority among his interests in which he has been to creating many initiatives. After witnessing environmental erosion and participating in group studies in the EU Commission, they found Rural PM in 2016 with the aim of strengthening rural community's project management maturities to improve their value creation in a sustainable way. Today Rural PM operates in more than 12 countries collaborating with public and private entities to enrich heritages by 0 waste approaches.
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Lean 6 Sigma Tips for HORECA

Whether it is a hotel or a restaurant, small details matter a lot when it comes to dealing with client satisfaction — which has multidimensional measurements and ways of reading its interpretations. One thing is for sure: When HORECA service orchestration lacks rhythm and meticulousness, the situation gets cloudy very fast and eventually this can push your business to the brink of closure.