Irene Macabante

CEO & Founder, Citrine Consulting Collective

Irene MacabanteIrene Macabante is the CEO and Founder of the Citrine Consulting Collective. A lifelong spa-goer and wellness product devotee, Irene uses her 25+ years of branding, marketing, and tech experience to create memorable spa experiences that drive customer loyalty and boost wellness brands’ reputation. Having started her career in the technology sector, Irene is uniquely positioned to work with both startups in high growth mode and multimillion-dollar resorts and businesses. As CEO of The Citrine Consulting Collective, she ensures that its mission and vision are carried out with integrity, efficiency, and transparency.
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Why Guest Inclusivity Is the Key to Success in 2021 & Beyond

Issues around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) have been more front-and-center than ever in the past few years, with viral videos of racist incidents playing out on the world stage for everyone to see.