Myriam Younes

Director, Business Development at Expedia Group Media Solutions

Myriam YounesMyriam Younes is a director of business development at Expedia Group Media Solutions, where she is responsible for driving business development in EMEA and India. Along with her team, Myriam oversees client business and partnerships for travel brands and non-travel brands, and provides strategic guidance to help them reach audiences across the vast network of Expedia Group travel brands and global sites. Prior to joining Expedia Group Media Solutions in 2012, Myriam worked for JacTravel, where she was responsible for travel agency sales internationally. She has a wealth of international, tourism and hospitality career experience, and has worked with brands such as Atout France, Moroccan National Tourism Board, Egyptian Tourism Authority, Air France, Hilton and Accor. Myriam is a graduate of Toulouse Business School in France, with a Master’s in Management, and currently is based in London.

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