Jonathan Morales

Information and Technology Director for Heritage Hotels and Resorts

Jonathan MoralesJonathan is the IT Director for Heritage Hotels and Resorts. His department's goal at HH&R is to leverage technology to enrich lives, and he does this by focusing on providing value with each interaction. Jonathan is passionate about his industry and his is an avid Cyber Security enthusiast. His life's goal is to increase security awareness to make our constantly growing CyberSpace a safer environment for all communities by changing perspectives one article at a time.
Insights by Jonathan Morales (3)

Hospitality Technology = VALUE in 2022

The next evolution of the Hotel Technology department in 2022 will be broken down into one keyword "Value".

The Sleeping Giant

During the last several months, we have seen a lot of change in all types of industries. Hospitality, travel, and tourism got hit very hard.

Hospitality and the Technology Concerns Behind that Welcoming Smile that Greets You When You Walk Through the Door

As we move towards the end of a roller coaster of a year for our industry, the ever so popular pineapple, the early symbol of hospitality, has taken a hit as we pivot around so many obstacles that go against the normal traits that come so naturally for those of us serving guests in hospitality.