Miro Radenovic

Founder of Demind.io


Miro Radenovic, hailing from Milano, Italy, is a seasoned software developer and enterprising individual with nearly two decades of experience in the field and has founded two successful IT companies. While he had initially been disinterested in social media platforms, Miro actively maintained his LinkedIn profile as a means of staying connected and up to date. Having devoted a significant portion of his career to enterprise software development, Miro's excitement was palpable when he discovered web3 and the potential of decentralization. He recognized its capacity to disrupt monopolies established by large tech companies, which spurred his deep dive into this groundbreaking technology. Driven by a desire to gain expertise at the protocol level and to explore the vast opportunities that lie ahead, Miro founded demind.io, which focuses on the technical aspects of the project. Through this initiative, he aims to foster a comprehensive understanding of blockchain while creating something of genuine value for users. The underlying principle is to empower individuals to take ownership of their data and connections, liberating them from the constraints of traditional platforms. With a team of like-minded individuals who believe in the vision, possess coding skills, and share a passion for technology, he is now working on an open platform Ucollect.me, for allowing anyone to build their valuable audience on blockchains. With an open invitation, Miro warmly encourages others to join him and the team on this transformative journey. By working together, they aspire to create a platform that revolutionizes user experiences and redefines the relationship between individuals and their digital interactions.

Via Fabio Filzi 5
Milano, 20124


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