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Away Resorts

by Cross Hotels & Resorts

Away ResortsAway Resorts appeal to people who realize that their life are controlled by the clock, and that they need to get off the speedway of life and take a break. Over worked and over stressed Away guests need to “Get Away” from their normal routine and enjoy a vacation in paradise. They don’t need 24 hours room service, and they don’t need marble clad, gold plated bathrooms to achieve it. What they need is a simply environment conducive to slowing down the pace of their life. The philosophy and the positioning of Away Resorts may not even be obvious to some guests, and they are certainly not forced on anyone. It is more of a opportunity that can be taken or left as you please. This appeals to guests that need to adjust on a gradual basis, as they wind down and slowdown during their stay. It appeals to people who recognize they need to find a better balance, without forging some of life’s luxuries.

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