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Meetings Market Academy + Exhibition

Hynes Convention Center
Boston - United States

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Meetings Market Academy + Exhibition

Are you a meeting planner who is tired of not getting the respect you deserve for the work you do? The Meetings Market Academy + Exhibition, debuting in June 2006 in Boston at the Hynes Convention Center, will provide a regional opportunity to educate not only meeting planners but also marketing, human resources, and senior management personnel. Meetings Market offers a unique forum for anyone who participates in planning meetings the opportunity to learn the basics, enhance skills, and educate others about the contributions of meeting planners and the importance of meetings to achieving an organization’s strategic goals.

The Meetings Market Academy + Exhibition uses a multi-tiered approach to education which allows planners to improve their professional status, and is geared for the novice planner, experienced pro, or anyone in between. Also scheduled is a unique supplier showcase that features over 100 local and national hotels, resorts, conference and convention centers, convention bureaus and other industry vendors.

The Meetings Market Academy + Exhibition begins in June 2006 in Boston, and is scheduled to travel to Houston, Chicago, Sacramento, Denver, Atlanta, Charlotte, San Diego, and Kansas City.

The cost of exhibiting for suppliers is aggressively priced well below the industry average, making this show ideal for organizations that cannot exhibit at larger, cost prohibitive industry trade shows. This one-day event is designed to maximize an attendee’s time and value, by providing top-notch education, combined with relevant networking opportunities. Discounts are available to members of Meeting Professionals International (MPI), International Special Events Society (ISES) and the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA).

According to founding partner Michele Wierzgac MS, CMM, president of Michele & Co, an Oak Lawn, Illinois- based meeting management, consulting, and training firm, “This is a unique opportunity for meeting and event professionals to improve their skills, impress their boss, network with their peers, and learn the latest in the services and products all in their own city.”

About Meetings Market
The program is owned and operated by Meetings Market, LLC, a partnership between three forces in the meetings industry: Convention Strategy, a Maryland-based trade show management company; Michele & Company, an Oak Lawn, Illinois-based meeting management, consulting, and training firm; and, a Maryland-based tradeshow consulting firm

Meetings Market Academy + Exhibition is organized by Meetings Market LLC

Jessica Roberts