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Hospitality Industry Club EveningCamp - Basel

Basel, Switzerland

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Hospitality Industry Club

The Hospitality Industry Club is a community of service providers in the hotel branch. We got together to present hoteliers with innovative solutions, technologies and ideas in a relaxed atmosphere yet inspiring. Should you expect a classic sales event with product presentations our events are the wrong place. 

We start at 6:30 PM planning with 4-5 hours for a short innovation talk by one of the partners, a quick introduction round, networking, exchanging ideas and, most important, defining the topics which shall be covered together for the workshops. To make sure you don't sit there all evening starving, there are, of course, delicious local specialities - in every city created by a local hero in loving handwork - and of course beer, wine, coffee and soft drinks. You are invited.

Hospitality Industry Club EveningCamp - Basel is organized by Hospitality Industry Club

Daniel Zelling