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The 2nd“One Belt• One Road• One Tourism” International Conference


Guilin University of Technology Tourism College Zikao Office
Guilin Shi, China

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Hong Kong Polytechnic University

It is our great honor to welcome you to the 2nd " One Belt• One Road• One Tourism" International Conference. The "Belt and Road" initiative proposed by China in 2013 is a concept of cooperation and development fostering mutual growth and sharing prosperity. Today it is a manifestation of China's neighborhood diplomacy fostering friendship, economic and tourism development. It also provides new concepts, new models and new space for the growth of 65 countries along the Belt and Road. Tourism is an important pillar in the economy among many of these countries. As peace, political stability, and tourism go hand in hand, the "One Belt• One Road• OneTourism" International Conference will not only promote tourism but also reinforce peace and economicdevelopment in these countries.

The conference will provide an interactive platform for academics and industry professionals in the tourism field to share their latest research, analyze industry trends and build connections in relation to the "Belt and Road" initiative for which tourism is expected to play a significant role.

The conference is co-organized by Guilin Tourism University (GLTU) and School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, in Guilin, China, on 13th-15th October, 2019. The collaborating institutions for the Conference include Guilin Tourism University, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Silk Road International University of Tourism, Uzbekistan and Palembang Tourism Polytechnic, Indonesia. Leading academics and industry leaders in hospitality and tourism have agreed to give a speech in the keynote sessions, and we welcome academics in hospitality and tourism, industry professionals and government officials to participate in and submit papers to the conference.

The 2nd“One Belt• One Road• One Tourism” International Conference is organized by

Flora Ng