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HT-NEXT 2020


Hotel Fairmont Scottsdale Princess
Scottsdale - AZ, United States

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HT-NEXT brings together the trailblazers and innovative thinkers of hotel technology. We're tapping experts in their fields to help hotels anticipate where technology is headed, and predict what guests will want before they even know they want it.

With guest data as the new currency and personalization as the payoff, the stakes for surprise-and-delight in the hotel industry have been raised. Property-centric systems of the past must give way to guest-focused solutions. We'll tackle unruly privacy legislation, we'll unpack the ultimate guestroom of the future, and we'll help hotels navigate the pressures of global travel trends. Be inspired, learn how other industries are navigating disruption, and find solutions that will help you Predict the Unexpected.

HT-NEXT 2020 is organized by EnsembleIQ

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Abigail Lorden
VP & Publisher
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