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WiT Seoul

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2020 THEME

Take a bird's eye view, get perspective, connect the dots and project into the future.

As we enter a new decade, it is clear is that technology is unleashing an exponential rate of change. In travel, we stand at the edge of something new. This decade has already seen dramatic shifts in consumer behavior - how we consume media, how we plan, buy and share, how we book and pay. Think about how you were doing stuff and how our customers were travelling in 2009 versus this year, it's just 10 years ago and already, it's a completely different world.

Imagine then what it will be like as we enter the next decade.

Questions abound.

Will superapps truly rule or is it merely a passing thing until we move onto something new? Will tech giants steamroll their way through industries? Will consolidation continue? Do we need to see a democratisation of capital? How will hotels live side by side with alternative accommodation? How will the way we fly change? How will we prepare our children for a future that technology is rewriting? How will peer-to-peer change local communities? How will we balance love and money?

At WiT 2020, we will take a bird's eye view of where we are today and connect the dots, and project into the future. We will ask you to help us imagine the future as we stand at the edge of a new decade so that together, we will face it whatever it may bring.

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