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HSMAI Expert-led virtual classroom series: Hotel Data Analytics Essentials


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HSMAI University

Build a strong foundation of data and analytics best practices to make smarter business decisions and increase the effectiveness of collaboration across departments through a mix of theory and practical exercises over 6 weeks.

Faculty: Dr. Kelly McGuire, Managing Principal for Hospitality for ZS; Emma Scher, Senior Manager of Technical Analytics at Aristocrat Technologies

The course(s) are designed over a six-week consecutive time period, segmented by topic area.

You will:

  • Get your hands dirty with real data and real business problems
  • Learn the fundamental skills of working with datasets.
  • Deepen analytical skills and gain best practices for data access, cleaning and modeling
  • Understand how to distill vast amounts of data into actionable insights for your audience.
  • Learn the fundamentals of statistics, predictive analytics and forecasting to make your analyses more forward looking and proactive
  • Be better prepared to identify valuable and actionable data points, leverage effective data visualization techniques, and communicate your data story in an interesting way.
  • Learn the differences among advanced analytic techniques, like optimization, machine learning and AI, and be able to identify the right problems to solve with these advanced techniques
  • Understand how to match your problem to the right analytical technique
  • Walk away with a data analytics tool kit and game plan to implement at your hotel

This course is designed for hoteliers and industry partners with responsibility for producing and/or communicating analysis who need to learn (or brush up on) fundamentals and best practices around data access, data cleanliness, data modeling and data visualization. You must be prepared for "hands on keyboard" work during this course.

This course is also for you if you work closely with, and are impacted by, data and analytics in your organization (you might be a revenue manager, general manager, director of sales, director of marketing, asset manager, or distribution professional), and you want to "go under the hood" to see how it all comes together.

HSMAI Expert-led virtual classroom series: Hotel Data Analytics Essentials is organized by

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