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HOTCO 2021


Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest
Budapest, Hungary

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HOTCO is an international hotel investment conference focusing on the hotspots for hotel development in Europe: Central and Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. It is in the forefront of presenting global trends to help attendees interpret their impact on their local markets. For the fourth time on 20-21 January 2020, HOTCO will bring together investors, developers, hotel companies and stakeholders from the region.

With our supporters, HOTCO will celebrate its 5th anniversary in a riotously fun, but safe opening gala (honestly, people seem to have even forgotten how to have a great time!). For our online participants, while we can only promise virtual catering, we will surprise you on screen.

Be part of "the" industry event to help kickstart 2021 with the ammunition required for drafting the blueprint for your rebounding success. Be with us and secure new business and contribute to the acceleration of the travel sectors recovery.

Some of the subjects HOTCO 2021 could address:

  • Owners at operators' throats
  • Operators and owners at insurance companies' throats
  • Bankers at owners' throats
  • Developers at lessees' throats
  • Hotel companies at their own throats as travellers are home-office bound
  • The travelling public at each other's throats for going mental being stuck at home
  • Influencers at followers' throats to finally meet in person

But in reality HOTCO 2021 will cover:

  • How to stay in business and keep your asset
  • How to convince banks to play a supportive role in revitalizing your hotel
  • Where do investors put their money now
  • Why hotel and resort developments should not stop
  • Who is financing hotel projects
  • How to outsmart aggressive buyers and exit with pride
  • What is the fair value of hotels and resorts
  • When to expect distressed acquisition opportunities
  • Digitalization and how to reap its benefits
  • Rise of resorts and how to turn them into solid profitable businesses
  • How to introduce residential sales to boost resort development IRR
  • Is Zoom the new threat to MICE events and the hotel industry at large
  • Conference centers and their model for survival
  • How should thermal resorts capitalize on the rise of health consciousness and fear for safety
  • Golf as conduit to health and wellness
  • Attractions fill hotels, but how to turn hotels into attractions
  • Why all owners need asset managers and why aren't they on board yet
  • What to and not to expect from airlines, railways and ships in getting guests to hotels
  • Winning strategies of key industry players in CEE/SEE/CIS/RUSSIA/Caucasus
  • Iconic keynote speakers to reflect on what made them stronger and where they are heading at the helm of their companies

HOTCO 2021 is organized by Horwath

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