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Revenue Management Technology: Leadership & Data Science


Virtual Event

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Confused about data science, machine learning & artificial intelligence?! Wondering what all of these technologies have to do with your hotel's room rate or revenue management strategy?!

Join the Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) of the leading revenue management systems (RMS) developers in the world, for an easy-to-understand, educational discussion about the importance of data science in modern RMS.

During this event, you'll learn:

  • How did COVID change the way that developers used different types of data in the development of their RMS?
  • What is data science & how does it help your RMS set the most accurate rates?
  • In times of low demand, how does data science enable your RMS to identify and capture pre-existing demand, increasing your bookings and revenues?
  • What is the RMS of the future going to be able to do?
  • How and why will the role & responsibilities of the revenue manager change when data science-based RMS become standard?
  • How and why do different RMS companies use data science differently in their solutions?
  • How do you choose the best RMS for your specific property?

Revenue Management Technology: Leadership & Data Science is organized by Lybra

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