Join us for this Linkedin & Youtube live session, co-hosted by and Concept.

Hear from our guest speakers, discuss with us and connect.

Matt Roberts (59club), Christopher Reeve (The Belfry), and Bruno Martins (Concept) will join host André Baljeu ( to discuss how to improve golf resort guest experience by leveraging technology.

In this open live session, we will include questions and comments from the audience and discuss aspects such as:

  • How to select technoloygy and software solutions for Golf and Resort Hotels. What aspects to consider?
  • How to increase ancillary revenues per customer?
  • How to digitize the booking process?
  • How to best manage guest data and preferences?
  • How to optimize guest service across all areas on a resort, how to manage memberships and activities?
  • What best practices can be shared?

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