What a start it would have been! In 2021, more than 150 guests were registered, 35 speakers prepared to be with us on stage to give us insights about the industry.

This year 196+ forum Vienna will take place from 27 to 29 November at Hilton Vienna Park and many other locations. In cooperation with Vienna Tourism Board and Museum Booster we are organising a platform to build bridges between the hospitality investment, tourism and museum industry.

What to expect

The conference for innovation and hospitality investment

Let us take this opportunity to look ahead, and give you a first glimpse, of the event we are planning for 2022. Together with you, we want to take 196+ forum Vienna to the next level. We want to grow and expand in all areas.

The conference of 196+ forum Vienna takes place on Monday, 28 November at Hilton Park Vienna with about 500 attendees from the hospitality, living, tourism, leisure culture and museum sector. As last year, we will focus 2022 on innovation with the main topic "Place Making".

We are going to invite the movers and shakers, the technology players and game changers of our industry to Vienna. They will be addressing the key challenges of the hospitality industry, through key notes, expert debates and insightful case studies.

Speakers of 2021

Forward thinking brains of our and other industries were prepared to make us rethink existing structures and to break them up. Have a look at some of our highlights.

Source: PKF hospitality groupSource: PKF hospitality group
Source: PKF hospitality group

Let´s meet again and network

Communication is key! And we believe that 2022 is going to be the time to get back together and to connect.

Start your Vienna experience right and join us for the reception party on Sunday. We invite all our guests to a pre-conference networking get-together on the day before the conference. Let us refresh existing contacts and make new ones with a delicious drink in our hands.

Monday is conference day! A whole day packed with interesting talks, panels and keynotes as well as breaks to mingle and connect. To celebrate the enriching thoughts the Vienna City Hall will open their gates for our gala dinner in an enchanting location and an atmosphere worth remembering!

To make your Vienna experience complete, save as well Tuesday morning for us. We want to show you the latest hotel projects and bring you together with opinion leaders of the tourism and museum industry for exchange across those disciplines.

This event is organized by PKF hospitality group

For more information please contact Martina Rozok
+49 30 40044681

196+ forum Vienna
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