In today's ever-evolving hospitality landscape, alternative accommodation concepts are shaking up the traditional hotel industry. As travellers' preferences change and the sharing economy continues to grow, traditional hotel brands find themselves facing a significant challenge. They struggle to fully embrace these alternative concepts due to legacy technology constraints, particularly on the Property Management System (PMS) front.

This webinar will explore the impact of alternative accommodations on the hospitality industry and how hotels can adapt and thrive in this new era.

Key takeaways you can expect:

  • Traditional hotels are challenged by the rise of alternative accommodations, forcing them to rethink their business models.
  • Evolving consumer preferences prioritise convenience, affordability, and unique experiences in the hospitality sector.
  • Disruptive innovations have the potential to revolutionise the hotel industry, requiring hotels to invest in innovation to remain competitive.

This event is organized by apaleo GmbH

For more information please contact Petra Hancz