Source: Edison Software

Airbnb, the pioneer of the sharing economy, disruptor of hotels, curator of experiences, has kept themselves in the news this year. With their CEO hinting at a 2019 IPO, their purchase of HotelTonight in March, and the recent announcement of Airbnb Adventures, established hotel chains continue to watch and worry. To see how Airbnb stacks up against some of the biggest hotel chains (Marriott, Hilton, and InterContinental), Edison Trends took a deep dive at the sales between them, based on 2.6M transactions in the US.

Key Takeaways

• Airbnb's busiest months are in the summer, while Marriott's busiest month is October

• Customers tend to stay in Airbnbs longer than they do traditional hotels

• Hotel customers tend to stay the longest in Colorado Springs, while Airbnb customers stay the longest in Mesa

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