A rendering of a room for Hilton’s new Tempo brand. Forty percent of guest rooms’ square footage is devoted to a “get ready zone.” — Photo by Hilton's Tempo

How many hotel brands is enough? Hilton and Choice Hotels International are putting that question to the test, with two new lodging brands focused on helping travelers maintain their healthy eating, sleeping and fitness habits on the road. The new entries join already-robust portfolios — Hilton's Tempo will be the company's 18th nameplate and Everhome Suites will be Choice Hotels' 13th.

They aren't the only lodging companies to take the more-is-better approach. Marriott manages 30 brands and Hyatt has 20. Despite the crowded marketplace, hotel companies believe there is an opportunity and even an imperative to present an array of options.

A variety of accommodation types and prices lets hotel companies present themselves as a one-stop shop for the varying needs of customers. A solo business traveler to big cities may also take her family on a beach vacation, plan a multigenerational trip or book a romantic getaway. Hotels want to offer choices for each of those needs and more, "because if they don't have it, the customer will spend their travel dollars elsewhere," said Bonnie Knutson, a professor in the School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University.

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