A Post-Coronavirus Scenario for Travel and Hospitality: Where We Might be Going — Source: bbc.com

The global economy has been severely disrupted by COVID-19, with the virus wreaking particular devastation on the travel industry. While international travel will eventually return, either as governments start to bring infection rates under control or with the development of a vaccine, it's a waiting game that many airlines, tour operators and hotels aren't willing to play. In recent months, the idea of introducing digital immunity passports has begun to circulate as a potential lifeline to jumpstart international leisure travel.

"An immunity passport is a presentable proof of immunity to COVID-19," said Husayn Kassai, co-founder and CEO of Onfido, a London-based technology company specialising in facial biometric certification. "It is designed to help an individual prove that they have been tested and that their test result belongs to them, but without having to share any personal information."

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