COVID-19 has, perhaps permanently, changed the landscape of our daily lives, prompting dramatic shifts in the way that businesses reach their customers, and how the public accesses products and services.

Being an industry that relies heavily upon human interaction, the hospitality sector has been among those to suffer most this year amid lockdowns and restrictions.

As health and safety protocols everywhere evolved to combat viral spread, and consumers adopted new behaviors and formed new expectations of the service industry, the "new normal" emerged. With mandated mask-wearing, social distancing and enhanced hygiene protocols, restaurants, bars, and other food and beverage outlets everywhere had to adapt quickly to survive.

The question now is how these trends, which have been forced upon us by prolonged living amid pandemic conditions, will carry on into the new year and beyond. Dining and drinking establishments operating in the hotel space, in particular, have had to reinvent the ways they serve their customers in order to remain relevant, diversifying the avenues through which their offerings can be delivered.

Hotel F&B

Corporate Director of Food and Beverage at South Carolina's Charlestowne Hotels Anthony Langan offered some of his predictions about what the future holds for the hotel food and beverage space as the pandemic era continues.

"Food and drink offerings will continue to move outside of the hotel more than ever before, as we explore new opportunities in takeout, delivery, outside catering and retail," Langan prophesied. "The diversification of revenue streams can provide hoteliers with both an immediate financial benefit as well as long-term insulation against unknown external threats that could come in the future."

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