Significantly more people plan to travel during the holidays this year than in previous years, according to a new PWC survey — but that pent-up demand will strain airlines still trying to recover from last year, industry analysts warn.

Why it matters: While many airlines are adding flights to popular destinations, consumers are likely to find higher prices and limited availability. Airlines could also face staffing shortages over newly issued vaccine mandates.

By the numbers: Roughly a third of the population typically travels during the holidays, most to visit family and friends, previous PWC data showed.

  • That was true even last year, when many travelers took road trips instead of flying.
  • This year, however, 52% of respondents said they plan to travel
    far more than the typical one-third. Most will travel by car (72%), although 57% of those with household incomes above $150,000 said they plan to travel by air.

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