Mytaverse wants to make executive travel obsolete with its business metaverse for people who would ordinarily be jetting around the world.

The Miami-based company is the latest to create a 3D platform where business people can create their own avatars and stage meetings, events, showrooms, and training sessions in a virtual space.

The company is using the Unreal Engine to craft high-quality graphics to create more realistic virtual experiences with people, products, and environments. It can show off those environments in a web-based world, without requiring users to wear virtual reality or augmented reality gear.

The idea is to make annoying jet lag, airport security screenings, and other hassles go away, without requiring people to invest a lot in headsets or expensive computers. It’s one more example of a company creating its version of the metaverse to give people something else to do with the remote working conditions caused by the pandemic.

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