With the theme ‘Inspiring Creativity’ given centre stage at the recent MEET UP London, Editor Hamish Kilburn and panellists Tom Middleton and Ari Peralta challenged pre-existing concepts and inspired new ideas around sensory wellness in hotel design…

It was both significant and optimistic that the first MEET UP London to have taken place since 2019 – hosted by Hotel Designs at sheltered inside the Minotti London showroom – was themed ‘inspiring creativity’. With the world recharging its engines, following two of the strangest years in hospitality history, it feels as if innovation is travelling faster through the industry than ever before. The wellness and wellbeing mega trends inspired the topic, and the installations, that Hotel Designs put in the spotlight ahead of the networking event.

Before more than 300 industry professionals were taken on their very own sensory journey at MEET UP London, with the aim to demonstrate the power of sound, colour and smell, I caught up with sound architect Tom Middleton and wellness expert Ari Peralta, both of whom where unable to make the event in person to explore their installations and understand the power of sensory design in 2022 and beyond.

Middleton, an award-winning composer, wellness architect and sensory design technologist, discussed and demonstrated the mood-enhancing and wellbeing properties of spatial sound, combined with scientifically designed imprinting scents to elevate interior design, by delivering a personalised sensory arrival experience.

Meanwhile, Peralta, who is Founder of Arigami, showcased the power of colour on our emotions using cutting-edge, deep learning technologies and generative graphics. Peralta unveiled the ‘colour bath’ in a corner of the showroom, with the aim to reset the senses.

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