Source: HotelNewsNow

Hotel CEO pay is rebounding from the worst disruptions of early in the pandemic.

That’s the result of a Hotel News Now study of quarterly earnings reports and Securities and Exchange Commission filings of the top publicly traded hotel firms by stock market value. This list is organized by the top 10 publicly traded hotel companies ranked by market value, with a list of select additional public hotel companies below.

The list purposely excludes companies whose hotel interests are interconnected with gaming interests and firms with hotel interests but whose market capitalization is predominately weighed to non-hotel interests.

Most hotel firms, if not all, have taken huge hits during the pandemic, and the market-capitalization numbers listed are those as of July 11, 2022. Currency exchange rates may also affect the rankings.

Hotel industry CEOs steadied their ships in turbulent waters and reemerged as occupancy and average daily rate have recovered. Some executives agreed to pay cuts or pay suspensions during the pandemic, and some of these reductions have not been subtracted from our listing of 2020 compensation packages.

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