The travel and tourism industry has undergone extreme changes over the years, and your business should be aware of how to adapt to these changes.

With the rise of Google searches in the last few years, SEO is essential when working in tourism, especially when posting content online.

Using SEO to your advantage can help boost your Google search rankings.

These rankings are crucial for your tourism business, as most Google users don’t look past the first search page.

Google’s helpful content update is now entirely focused on ensuring the content suggested, and ranking is based on content created for humans.

The content update is excellent news.

If you focus on the content quality and its benefits to the readers, you are more than likely to land yourself a cozy spot on the first page of results for a Google search.

Enable Experience Forecasting Through Content

Experience forecasting is about using engaging content to help users forecast what their personal experience of the trip would be – and it begins with understanding the customer journey correctly.

Different content formats, such as an article, guide, or list of things to remember, can make your content more engaging and appealing to the eye.

Ensure you include need-to-know information such as the weather, sights users will see, and any other essential details the reader needs.

Be aware: It’s your tours and activities that people are looking to book, so ensure you provide a long, well-written description of the tour and what people will experience to give the reader an idea of what they can expect.

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