Scent Of A Lobby

Have you noticed, in recent years, that little "je ne sais quoi" that feels so familiar when you step into the lobby of a luxe hotel? Is it that all the beautiful women are exquisitely made up and perfumed? Or does it feel more like getting off the elevator at Neiman Marcus' cosmetics floor? Your olfactory senses are hijacked by the cacophony of fragrances at Neiman Marcus: they are there to "perfume" you, hoping you will like and buy.

I Love The Plum Guide Of London

I do not advertise any product. Never did, never will. However, I am occasionally impressed with the way certain people do things, especially as compared to the way other people do it.

Walk, Do Not Drag!

"Ladies and Gentlemen, our flight is overbooked today and we'd like to ask if there are any volunteers to take a later departure…". The recent incident in which a bona fide paying seated customer of United Airlines was forcibly removed from the plane in order to accommodate a flight crew, has been drawing universal attention.

How To Blow A Soft Bubble Without Even Trying

From a deep, long lasting recession, the hospitality industry jumped overnight, (about three years ago) into a period of enthusiastic and unbridled growth. Airports and industrial suburbs, where most of the "traveling salesman" types continue to stay, no longer appeal to the "hip" developer.

Interviewing: Using All Seven Senses

It has been my job, over several years (and then some) to interview candidates and, better yet, coach them on the interviewing process. There are Six Senses to life, but Seven Senses to interviewing.

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