8 Things to Negotiate in Your Next Franchise Agreement

The most common question we hear from clients is, 'What's really negotiable in a franchise agreement?'. Franchisees are told by the brand that the franchise agreements are not negotiable, but then they hear that someone has been able to negotiate at least one or two contract terms.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When You Look for a Hotel Operator

As the economy and the hotel industry fundamentals continue to improve, hotel values have recovered to pre-recession levels in many of the top 35 hotel markets, the number of hotel transactions has jumped and new capital is pouring into hotewhether focused on new, ground-up development, or the purchase of neglected assets with a view to deep renovis increasingly seeking new brands and management for their hotels.

The Target and Neiman Marcus Breaches: What Hoteliers Need To Know

The recent headlines about the Target and Neiman Marcus security breach with customer credit cards highlights a growing crisis that concerns owners and operator of hotels as well as retailers. In this article, Bob Braun, one of the senior members of our Global Hospitality GroupĀ® who focuwhen he is not working on hotel management or gives us some thoughts on what to do about this problem.

Cyber Security: The long arm of the law gets a little longer

New case from the second circuit in NY... Multinational companies, like hotel companies, often face challenges in enforcing claims against their employees and agents located in foreign jurisdictions. In December 2012, a federal apMacDermid, Inc.

To Brand or Not To Brand (your hotel)

One of the first decisions in the hotel development or acquisition process can have a lasting impact on the success of the project: whether the property should be branded, and whether that brand should manage the property.

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