Slaying Oxymoronos Maximus, the Great Dragon of Cheap Imitation in the Luxury Market

When it comes to luxury, nobody is under the misapprehension that a Ford, as good as it is in its context, can be passed off as a car that would cost $100,000 because it is built of the finest materials and is designed with a host of features that would warrant such a price tag.

Creative Strategies for Maintaining Training Quality without Busting the Budget

Since the publication early last year of The Butler is here to Stay, but will the Guests be Happy Driving Fords? [link], a noticeable trend has been observable in the hospitality industry toward the serious training of butlers and the establishment or improvement of butler programs or imparting superior butler service levels in guest-facing positions.

What is Behind the Gyrations of the World Economy and Where is It Going?

Do yourself a favor and skip this article if you prefer to think the ship is simply rolling heavily in the calm seas. The captain of the Good Ship Earth, I am afraid, has a very definite agenda that is taking it off the course everyone thinks it is on as they go about their lives: sitting down to dinner, sleeping peacefully.

Butler Service Today | Five Leading Hotels Share their Secrets

Why have butler service in a hotel? In the cases canvassed, there were two basic reasons: either because the hotel owners conceived they had the best property in the world/on the PGA tour/etc. and they believed the corollary on the service side could only be supplied by the addition of butlers.

Green Hotels, Butler Service | Oxymoronic, or Two Sides of the Same Coin?

The drive to go green by hotels comes not so much from environmental concerns as from economic considerations. How then, does an expensive butler department fit into this fundamental drive to balance.

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