Motivating People

The idea that you can motivate people is an illusion. You can't. But, before you race for your keyboard to argue otherwise, think on these things first. What is motivation? In very simple terms, it is an impulse to act or even behave in a certain way.

7 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Posts More Effective (and how to do it right)

You're thinking of publishing an article on LinkedIn? Fantastic, good for you, you should. Let me tell you why and maybe a few tips to help you. When I started to really use LinkedIn back in 2008 there were 50 million users.

The 4 Critical Steps to 'Getting That Perfect Job'

Week after week I watch great candidates fail. It's annoying because they were probably the right fit but made errors that aren't obvious, are not textbook and are rarely revealed. Why? Because it is.

‘Power to Your People?’

It would be great if human beings could replicate the reliable performance of fine German engineering. We don't and it is the human condition that gives us our charm, charisma and unpredictable behaviour.

The 4 Worst Hotel Experiences Ever

Hotels are very good at many things. They have to be. However, there are 4 recurring themes that I see every single day that do a huge amount of damage to their brand, reputation and image.

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