Do This To Gain Instant Trust With Hotel Website Visitors

Social proof is critical to easing the worries of potential guests. In fact, a study in the Washington Post showed social proof had more influence over customers than a discount. This is why a guest review site like TripAdvisor is so popular and impactful on purchase behavior.

What’s Haunting Hotel Marketers This Halloween?

Continuing our annual Halloween tradition, we've asked hotel marketers nationwide, across all chain scales and property sizes, what they're most spooked about right now. In past years, the list has i.

Hotel Marketing Budgets: How Much Is Actually Enough?

According to a recent study, and Expedia return $16 for every dollar spent on marketing. This looks great on paper, but the reality is that over the last decade OTAs' return on marketing investment decreased by 15%.

Why do some hotel marketers get everything they want?

With the hotel industry enjoying a period of record performance, posting all-time highs for occupancy, ADR and RevPAR, one of the most talked-about ways to improve performance (and delight ownership) is to reduce the cost of guest acquisition.

The Smart GM's Checklist for Hotel Marketing

The cost of guest acquisition is on everyone's mind these days, which means GMs are feeling pressure from ownership, asset managers and their hotel management companies to maximize the ROI from their marketing investments.

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