The Unfinished Business of Revenue Management: Investment Abandoned

Hotel revenue management is on the verge of something of a second renaissance; the field is propelling itself toward the notion of Total Hotel Revenue Management. It is one that revenue managers have foreseen—in fact, requested—for many years now, and the idea is that revenue management should move beyond room pricing and channel strategies, beyond Pace reports and market segment reviews, and move to identify profitability gaps and opportunities across the entire operation.

The Incredible Shrinking Front Desk – An Opportunity To Manage Differently

The front desk was once the epicenter of the hotel, where guests did so much more than check in and check out. It was the place where they received answers to their questions, called in for a pillow or a hairdryer or a ride, ordered things up and got things sent down, and even made their next reservation.

Can The Front Desk Really Be Measured?

Anyone who's gone to business school has heard the adage, "What gets measured gets managed." If something isn't measurable, it can't or won't be managed. Or, if you try, you're likely to fail. While the rise of big data may have some hotels feeling buried in measurement, I can guarantee that, still, no one knows what's going on with the front desk.

The Simplest Solution to Traveler Anxiety

Skift has coined a new term: permanxiety. "The near constant state of anxiety that exists now around the world." I don't love the term, but I get where they are coming from. People are anxious, not just about travel, but about natural disasters and political upheaval and terror attacks.

What Can Today’s Hotelier Really Sell?

It all began a few years ago when the airlines started the practice of merchandising ancillary items either onboard flights or during the booking process. They pulled back on offering complimentary items such as pillows, headphones, meals, and so on.

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