What The Whole World Can Learn From Travel Technology

Planning trips was once a daunting task. Travellers would have to scour and compare information across hotel chains, airlines and other travel servicers, all of which operated with their own standards — making communication in the travel industry extremely problematic.

Can the Internet of Things make the travel and hotel industry 'smarter'?

The rapidly growing number of devices that are connected to the Internet means that an ever-increasing part of a hotel’s working environment can communicate valuable, actionable information back to the management.

2016 Travel Trends

If 2015 was any example of how the market is changing both technologically, operationally as well as philosophically, then 2016 should be an incredibly interesting year. Here are some thoughts regarding the year ahead.

Google Just Upended Hotel Distribution

Google has quietly changed its approach to the hotel industry in a big way. Separate initiatives have combined to expand Google's hotel distribution influence. Consumers no longer have to leave Google to book a hotel – bookings can be made right on the Google site via Google Instant Booking.