4 Ways Concierges Can Use Technology to Craft the Guest Experience

Whether it's booking travel online, buying a book or watching porn, for years, the role of technology has been to improve our access to information and our ability to act on that information. As a result, consumers have become increasingly independent and able to satisfy their needs through technology.

For 2017, Resolve to do Something About Your Hotel's Package Problem

In recent years, the package situation at many hotels has become untenable. This is especially true for hotels where the concierge and front desk are responsible for package management, because concierge technology today doesn’t account for package management alongside the other requirements of the job.

Future-Proofing the Concierge Role

Few roles in the hotel have been as affected by technology as that of the concierge. Mobile internet and apps have decreased the reliance of most guests on the concierge, while at the same time changing the relationship concierges have with their own workplace tools.

Technologies That Will Have A Major Impact On Hotels In 2017 And Beyond

Technologies that were big in 2016, and are only getting bigger. Happy staff = happy guests, and 2016 was the year where staff technology and back of house operations finally got the attention and validation it deserves.

Airbnb's CEO Took to Twitter to Ask His Users for Product Feedback:

When Airbnb's CEO asked his Twitter community for their Airbnb product wish list, what he got was a comprehensive look at what guests want from lodging today.

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