What do the new updates to WhatsApp privacy policy mean for hotels?

WhatsApp will now share data with Facebook following significant updates to its privacy policy. This update will in turn allow businesses to access more information about WhatsApp users and eventually send messages directly.

What’s driving guests to make their travel decisions?

Recently Google published the Google Playbook for Travel — a detailed overview of the trends and learnings of consumer behaviour while booking and researching travel. Within this Playbook, Google looks in detail at micro- moments — points in time when people turn to their device with an intent to answer an immediate need.

Get to know your guests using guest profiles

'The OTAs know more about your guests than you do.' It's a harsh comment but one that rings true for many. By compiling data and learning guest behaviour over time, OTAs have a competitive advantage over hotels in this field.

The power of email automation

Automated transactional emails can be the cornerstone of a hotels' communication strategy – they share details about the transaction, include all reservation information and hotel details to ensure the guest has everything they need.

Add WhatsApp to your hotel engagement strategy

As of February 2016, WhatsApp surpassed the 1 billion users mark. That means 1 in 7 people in the world now use it and what's more, 42 billion messages are sent daily using the app (compared with a mere 20 billion by SMS).

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