Frugal Innovation in Hospitality: Insights From Navi Radjou

How can we, as an industry, do more with less? That's a challenge more and more companies are facing nowadays. It's also a conundrum posed by frugal innovation which seeks to deliver products and services that are not only affordable but also sustainable.

Hotel Booking Sites Under Scrutiny: Implications for the Hotel Industry

At the end of June, the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) launched a crackdown on a number of hotel booking sites due to concerns they were breaking consumer protection law. Concerns included search results rankings, pressure selling, discount claims, and hidden charges.

Celebrity Chefs: Are They Worth It?

Celebrity chefs are 'very expensive' but they can bring instant brand recognition to your hotel restaurant. That was the general consensus among panelists at the F&B breakout session at the International Hotel Investment Forum held recently in Berlin.

Pet Hotels: The Ultimate ‘Niche’?

Globally, pet care represents a huge market that's worth some 180 billion USD. So even though the panel discussion at the Window 2 the Future forum was supposed to focus on globalization generally, perhaps it was inevitable that pet care (and pet hotels) would come under the spotlight, especially as one of the panelists was a senior executive with a pet food firm, which is owned by Nestlé.

GDPR: Why Hoteliers Should Take the new EU Regulations Very Seriously

New , founder of tech firm Apaleo, said GDPR wasn't taken seriously enough, as had happened with Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. "This is a new topic for the industry and very few people understand what it means.

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