Adjusting Your Business Model To Reality And Morality

It appears that, over the years, major improvements in the American worker's standard of living were triggered by either of two events:

Culture Is Stronger Than Knowledge

We often hear of the General Manager who moves from Tucson to New York and finds her/himself completely lost the minute a union representative demands an audience. Worse yet, suppose your company promotes you, after 10 years in Seattle to Atlanta.

Open Letter To Homeaway

Dear HomeAway and assorted not-so-transparent subsidiaries:

The House Of No VS. The House Of Yes

It is January 2018 and we are working remotely for the month. Because the Wi-Fi connection at our Airbnb was not immediately ready, we decided to put the top down and head toward Diamond Head. A Leading Hotel of the World.

Take My Towels, Please!

I am as energy conscious as the next guy. However I never fail to get irritated when I check into a respectable hotel and find a tacky note on the bed or in the bathroom strongly recommending I jump through hoops to keep a couple of towels or washcloths from being laundered.

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